Favorite food- I love lobster and steak

Turn on's- A big beautiful brain... Talk science to me and I melt like butter

Turn off’s- I hate when someone asks the question.. What do you mean?

Favorite color- Don't really have a fav when it comes to colors.  I guess i like the rainbow,

Favorite feature on a man- His eyes

Favorite asset- My legs

Celebrity crush- Myself 


Chasyn Foxx first pursued her dream of modeling after receiving routine compliments about her unusual beauty, long sculpted legs, and highway eyes.
Chasyn utilized and seized every opportunity to leave her signature stapled in the hearts of America.

Since producing her own talk show BUILDING AN EMPIRE she has taking off with hosting major events, the launch of her own production company & lip gloss line. She now features small businesses on her show and keeps adding success stories under her belt. Taking pictures, hosting events, and heavy networking are her strong points.

Being beautiful, Business minded and Bold are what comes natural

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