Destinie Serenity

Destinie’s goal as a freelance model right now is to network and get exposure to show off her full potential. Commercial, Glamour, and Promotional modeling as well as acting is Destinie’s focus, however she loves High fashion, eye candy and runway as well. 


Destinie Serenity is a newly published model, having her first feature in JLP Urban magazine, a feature on Stunnerbaby Mag online, Carolina Buzz Magazine, Skillz Chicago Urban Magazine and many many more


Expanding her talents into the acting world, Destinie has been a part of CHICAGOLICIOUS, a reality show filmed in Chicago and has landed a role in an upcoming independent film called “Not Another Zombie Movie”


Destinie Serenity has worked with many different photographers such as Nick Skillz, Shaun Micheal, and Celebrity photographer Aderon Motherstill just to name a few, has been a part of multiple boutique clothing line shoots and also have been in a host of fashion shows.



Favorite food: I loveeeee me some mexican food
Turn on's: I love a man who is confident with himself. Being in the industry theres so many different projects with different people including men so its definitely a turn on for a man to be confident enough to not be jealous or insecure. I also love to see a man in a suit. Its super sexy to me. Someone who has goals and ambition and who can support me in my goals
Turn offs:  are guys who are overly cocky, like if i give you a compliment take it, but dont try forcing a compliment out of me lbs. I also dont like someone who is not family oriented or one that cant shut his pride down from time to time. A big turn off....nasty teeth and no style.
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite feature on a man: I love eyes and height on a man.
Your Favorite asset: My smile
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