I was born Jacqueline Choi in upstate NY, to South Korean parents Dae and Joon Choi. I was raised in multi-generational household until moving to New Smyrna Beach in Central Florida at the age of 6. As a child I was always curious and excelled academically with a talent for theater. I was in multiple high school and local community theater productions and competed at several regional events. I attended the University of Florida on a full scholarship and graduated with a Bachelors in Science while bartending part time at local pool halls, restaurants and nightclubs. In 2006, I decided to attend the American University of Antigua in the Caribbean for medical school and my training ultimately took me to Miami, New York City and Chicago. While training in New York, I met my future husband Kai Dallas. During my medical training, however, I never let go of my hobby and dream to continue acting and modeling. I was asked to do some promotional videos and landed a couple of modeling jobs, before deciding to resume auditioning for modeling and acting roles. I started out as an extra in random independent films and shorts before landing principle roles in the comedic satire Super Power Color Force, and the dark psychological Catching Broken Glass. From then on I landed multiple roles including Maggie in Jay Davis's newest feature production Not Another Zombie Movie. I will be moving to California with my husband and yorkshire terrier in Summer 2014 to pursue acting and modeling full time.


1: Favorite food: I am a huge fan of sushi cause there's so much of a variety, and can definitely eat it every day and not feel too bad. I also really love Italian cuisine, favorite guilty pleasure is a good ol' bacon cheeseburger, done medium rare, with all the toppings! I'm always on the hunt for the best burger in town!


2. Favorite color: I really love the color red. It's bold and sexy and really stands out in a va-va-voom sort of way. I find that I typically dress in blacks and neutral colors, but I always try and sneak in a flash of red somewhere, whether its a belt, some jewelry or even streaks in my hair!


3. Turn On’s and Turn Off’s: Well, turn On’s definitely include confidence. You gotta own your life and be proud of representing yourself. Even if it's something new and outside of your comfort zone, be confident that you are expanding your horizons and learning new things. If there is one thing I've learned as I've grown and made mistakes, it's that self-confidence will always pick you back up no matter how bad you fall and if you try hard enough, you can achieve things that you didn't know you had in you.


My biggest turn off is disrespect. I believe you can judge a person's character by how they treat people. Not just friends, it's easy to be nice to people you like and are close to, but most importantly to strangers. If you are rude and hostile in life, it stems from either arrogance, insecurity or jealousy and those are all character flaws that not only prevent you from growing as a better person, but also negatively affect those around you. 


4. Celebrity crush: Oh dear.... is it bad that I crush on fictional characters? Haha... at the top of my list is Thor... who doesn't love a demi-god with giant arms and an Aussie accent? A very VERY close 2nd is Dean Winchester/ Jensen Ackles who just has the most perfect face and combination of sarcastic smirks and brooding determination. And as far as non-fictional, I would absolutely LOVE to meet and take an epic selfie with Bradley Cooper. He just seems like a really awesome person I'd love to hang out with.


5. Favorite feature: I really love my hair. I've been blessed to have really strong and thick asian hair but it has a wave and curl to it that lets me style it any way I want. Long, short, red, blonde, curly, straight, I've done it all... I love how a girl's hair can express her personality, mood and style. I change my hair style frequently and best of all... it always grows back!



IMDB: www.imdb.me/jackiedallas

ModelMayhem: www.modelmayhem.com/jackiedallas

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jackiedallas84

Instagram: @JaxDallas

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